Automotive Internet Marketing Company

About The Client

The client offers a package of services to Car dealerships. Their services include online marketing, web design and maintenance, Internet Lead Management and Inventory management, all in one package.

Future Plan- Continual Improvement

Amulya is also planning to take up billing and web design on behalf of the client, which will allow the client to focus not only on sales but also product research and grow their customer base across the globe. Amulya here becomes an extended wing of the client operating at a different location thereby bringing the benefit of expert staffing at a reduced cost



Amulya’s needs are always inline with that of its clients and their customers. Now that the client wanted to offer a one-stop solution to all their needs, Amulya’s policy was to support the client make and maintain this as their USP. For this, the client needed a team, which can

A leading Web hosting services provider operating from New Jersey.

  • Setup accounts for new customers- the car dealers
  • Install the service on the customers desk
  • Do a welcome call and train the dealership on the product
  • Answer support calls and tickets in a timely, efficient and effective way
  • Maintain websites for the customers
  • Drive traffic to the websites
  • Develop tutorials and documents for the customers easy understanding and use
  • Coordinate between the client and his affiliates providing other services to car dealership

” Thank you very much, Your service has been wonderful and I have been very happy with your support, I must say you guys are doing a great job, keep up the great work. “

– Mike Davis, Philadelphia


Experience in web hosting, designing and support activities came out handy here while the challenge was in consolidating all in one package. Amulya hired and trained a team of professionals to answer the support requests through phone and emails at the front end backed up by the clients and internally sourced expert team. The client team gradually transferred specific product knowledge to the front end team thereby allowing sufficient time for themselves to look in to their higher end tasks. The benefits included,

  • Needless to say, huge cost cutting even in expert areas like design, maintenance and SEO and all those that come with outsourcing
  • Single window service for the client and his customers. The client and the customer didn’t have to go to different service provides for different requirements. The multiskilled team empowered with right tools and access to central store of database and information, was able to care of all their needs improving the quality of service
  • Enhanced Customer satisfaction through personalized services offered in time and in strict adherence to the quality metrics
  • Answer support calls and tickets in a timely, efficient and effective way
  • More customers for the client as they could deploy and dedicate their in-house resources on sales and marketing activates more than before while the Amulya team handles most of their operational and after sales needs
  • A centralized support system easy for the client to interact, monitor, control and communicate changes and updates