They're happy about doing business with us

They’re happy about doing business with us

Client Testimonials

Keep up the great work team! “You have a super support team up there!!! Always fast to reply to any requests.. Just a pleasure to work with…”

Charles, Canada

Keep up the great work!!! 59 Chats in one day and 100% Customer Satisfaction RATING!! Great Job Guys, Thats awsome! Nice work.

Michael, New York

I appreciate all the effort actsupport has delivered in the past 5 years and I am confident the quality will remain top notch as usual. Keep up the good work.

Mark Apruzzese, USA

Very glad when we saw your contribution on clearing the “Bank Account Approval” queue and 1000+ are a remarkable milestone set ever in the history. Keep up the great work!!! Way to go!!! I sincerely want to learn about how you made that possible!! Once again thanks for all your hard work and dedication so far.

Charles, Japan

GREAT Sam! Great job keeping up with all the cases/requests the past few days. Jay, Steve, Sam keep up the good work! Work hard today, so you can enjoy your day off tomorrow. Great work team!

Charles Haddad, Canada

I am happy too, as the big sale days went smoothly and the admins here were proactive and contributed quality support. The team will continue to provide the same quality of support and I am working with them closely.

Shahed, USA

Hello Mike, There’s already quite a noticeable difference in the support. The techs seem to be taking more interest and reading tickets more thoroughly. I’ll get back to you after I will review the efforts next week. But just wanted to thank you.. Cheers!

Virat Shah, USA

Leo is very good – FYI. I have been watching him and he really does a good job with the tickets and his replies.

Jason Dickman, USA

Vasanth and Jothi have been with us for a while and do an excellent job. The new team just commenced in August and Vasanth and Jothi did a great job training them up in a short time. There is a steep learning curve for the products and platforms and whilst Rahul, Jagadeesh, Jithish, Prosper and Thousif still have an amount to learn I am very impressed about how quickly they have come up to speed so far. Overall, I am very happy with the service provided by the team.

Rachel Cullen, USA

As you know, we have Bala on-board as the team leader in ours Tech-team. I would like to comment on his work and we are very pleased with his work. He was the first member on-board and proved to me that actsupport was the company to work with. During the time we have worked with you he have shown good skills of management and when I deliver tasks for him to implement things are going very good.

Daniel, Sweden

I have gone through the sub categorization files in more depth and I am very pleased with the results. You guys are doing an excellent job with the categorization and I think this will be very helpful for us in the future. Keep up the great work here!

Hudson, Matthew, Canada

It is like night and day, ying and yang! I wish we had done this a long time ago as he gets things done, is very thorough and keeps me in the loop on pending tasks. Best of all it seems he has control over our techs and correcting bad habits that have been going on for a long time. There is still much to get corrected, but it is going in the right direction now. I no longer have to scream and yell every day. Mike, after taking over the account understood quickly why I was so angry all the time. But as stated he is getting things in order finally. Glad we gave you all 1 more chance to make things right.

Jason Dickman, USA

Please pass along to your management my thanks for two aspects of your recent services:

1. Your proactive notification of our ticket system being down due to the off-site provider we use for that account.

2. Your folks last night were able to resolve an issue that had even my expert forum folks stumped!! YAY.

Thanks for your continued excellent service!

Will Sherwood, USA

Things are going very well. I have been pleased with the support quality lately.
Matt Clines, USA

This is excellent and exactly what I would like to see once or twice each week. This is a good summary – I’m pleased with this.

Charles Haddad, Canada

Overall, actsupport has steadily shown improvements in accurately tracking deal intelligence. There have been some repetitive errors on change requests but these appear to have been rectified. We are very pleased with the overall response time in helping to correct and improve upon current processes.

Mark Cohen, Canada

We appreciate your continued support. Sometimes the response is less than 4 hours, but all in all we are very satisfied. Thanks for the good work.

Will Sherwood, USA

I am very happy with Sam. He has become a valuable member of the team who works very hard and is always very keen to provide support to our customers. He takes a lot of weight of my mind as i know I can trust him to clear the ticket board and communicate with me as and when he needs advice. I have also found Sam to be quick learner and someone who organizes himself well. He efficiently documents and applies new processes as and when required.

Salim, UK

We are happy with the AmulyaInfotech so far, but I would be happy of tech’s has a more interest to get more tasks, knowledge from us. When the L3 wants to gain more tasks/knowledge from us it will lead to that we outsource more. Eg! Hi Daniel, Have you seen that Plesk 10 has been released? Can we set up a demo environment? We have poor Exchange 2010 knowledge can we set up a demo environment? etc etc.

Daniel Hedlund, Sweden

Whoever responded to this ticket, good job! This is the type of thoughtful, specific and to the point responses that address customer questions. This is what we’re looking for both in ticket, chat and phone support.

Antony (AC Obioha), USA

That’s great, this has been pretty smooth for the most part good work by the Linux techs.

Jason Dickman, USA

Thanks very much Sam, and again thanks for doing a fantastic job with support. I have received many positive responses from our customers for the help that you have provided them with. If you need any further info at all with the new system or if anything is not clear at any point please let me know.

Salim, UK

Hey Jay, Thanks so much for your efficient and thorough work on this project, and thanks to you Scott for choosing the right guy to do the job! Kyle was very pleased this morning as was i too see those emails input so quickly. I will be contacting you guys again shortly with some new projects I am working on! Thanks again.

Shannon Sutton, Canada

Great work Sam, thanks for all your help with support tickets. You do a fantastic job and I am very pleased to have you working with us.

Salim, UK