Cloud Backup Tools



Years with actsupport

Customer Satisfaction

⇡ 95%

Average satisfaction rating from 2014 to 2017. Was 82% before 2014.



Increased from 2014 to 2017



Reduction in helpdesk tickets from 2014 to 2017

Key Tasks Performed:

  • Support team – Enterprises cloud product support
  • Infra support – Private cloud management, VMware support, DRaaS, and BaaS

Key Technologies / Products used:

  • Blade hardware servers – Dell, HP, Fujitsu and Egenera
  • VMware virtual DC spanned across Dell, super micro and Cisco UCS Hardware
  • Hypervisor – VMware
  • Cloud computing platform – Private cloud
  • Storage – Dell EqualLogic, EMC, Qnap
  • Network – Cisco switches/routers, ASA firewall
  • Backups – Acronis, Falconstor, Veeam
  • Disaster recovery solutions – DRaas – custom private

About our client

A US based major financial company had implemented DRaaS service to their existing Virtual Machines. Due to the critical nature of the systems contained in the co-located facility, the team recommended to investigate and pursue a strategy that will allow for rapid recovery.



DR Event:

In 2017 Atlantic hurricane season a tropical storm struck the data center and caused multiple events of power failure, redundant and backup systems failed to provide sufficient power for Blade servers and services were disrupted.


How we helped

To avoid downtime the team decided to activate DR process and the priority was to cutover to the target site in short time. Recovery Job for critical machines was initiated and tool replicated the machines in the target site. The IP addresses were assigned to target machines and DNS was updated to propagate the server information. Minimum downtime was required to cutover to the new site and the systems were up on the new site.


Primary responsibility was to setup backup agents across all the virtual machines on source site, setting up site to site VPN to ensure there is no data leak during the replication process, setting up off cloud DraaS in target data center and providing IPs and passwords to the client. A service level agreement is in place for DR activity.


  • RecoveryTrac was setup to automate the fallback process
  • DR planning and execution in DR event reduced the downtime upto 90% and there are virtually no production loss
  • More than 50% of the companies have no DR plans and so actsupport helped the client setup DRaaS
  • 20% DR plans are not effective in disaster events. So our careful study and tests helped the client to overcome DR failure and was able to see positive feedback from the customers
  • Occasional testing is done to make sure the DR plan work during the event of a disaster


Note: RecoveryTracTM is a trade mark tool from Falconstor. Acronis is a leading backup solution provider.