2 ways to convert Virtual Box VDI to VMDK

convert Virtual Box VDI to VMDK

Here are the 2 different ways to convert VDI to VMDK and then successfully run it in VMware Workstation.

Convert using Virtual Media Manager in VirtualBox

If you already have VirtualBox installed on your computer, there is no easier way to convert a VDI hard disk to VMDK. Also, you might have noticed that VirtualBox supports both VMDK and VDI hard disks while creating a new virtual machine.

To convert VDI to VMDK, follow the below steps:

Note: Before you begin, make sure the virtual machine is turned off.

  • First, open Oracle VirtualBox, Click File >> Virtual Media Manager.
  • Choose the VDI file you want to convert from the Virtual Media Manager, then click Copy.
  • Select VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) from the popup box and click Next.
  • Next, in the New disk image to create a field enter the custom name for the VM and copy.
  • The virtual hard disk will now start a VDI to VMDK file type conversion when the program starts to copy it. After creating the VMDK file, you can exit the Virtual Media Manager.

You can now use the VMDK hard disk in VMware Workstation.

Convert using VBoxManage.exe

Another technique is to convert the VDI disk to VMDK but it too requires that VirtualBox already be installed. A command-line utility included with VirtualBox called VBoxManage.exe can be used to convert.

  • Run the Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • To open VBoxManage.exe, copy and paste the following command. This command only applies if VirtualBox is installed in the default location. If not, modify the route to the installation folder as follows:                             

cd d/ “C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\”

  • To convert the VDI file to VMDK, run the following command. Replace SourceVDI with the full path to the VDI file and TargetVMDK with the full path to where the converted VMDK file should be saved.

VBoxManage clonehd <em>SourceVDI</em>.vdi <em>TargetVMDK</em>.vmdk -format VMDK

  • Once the process is finished, a VMDK file will be created in the specified location.

You can now use the VMDK hard disk in VMware Workstation.

Steps to create VM in VMware workstation

The converted VMDK files are now ready to be used for your new virtual machine in VMware Workstation. Lets us see the step to create:

  • First, open the VMware workstation, and Click File >> New virtual machine.
  • Then choose the custom icon>> Next.
  • On the next window leave the default settings >> Next.
  • Now click the “ I will install the operating system later ” icon >> Next.
  • Select your current OS and its version and click next.
  • Enter a name in the new virtual machine>> Next.
  • Then select BIOS >> Next.
  • Now, adjust the number of processors for the VM as per your requirement and click Next.
  • Adjust the memory for the virtual machine >> Next.
  • For network type, I/O Controller type and disk type choose the recommended setting and click next.
  • Now, select disk >> use an existing virtual disk >> Next.
  • On the next popup window select Keep the existing format and click Finish to complete the VM configuration.
  • Finally, you can now start the VM by selecting the VM name and Power on this virtual machine.

Now that the VDI hard disk has been effectively converted to a VMDK, you can use VMware Workstation to run it.

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