Fix vMotion interface misconfiguration on the destination host (1003827)

vMotion interface misconfiguration

Have you ever encountered this compatibility error while performing a vMotion migration( vMotion interface misconfiguration )? 

Unable to migrate from source_server to destination_server: The vMotion interface is not configured (or is misconfigured) on the destination host ‘destination_server’ 

And this is mainly because the source or destination ESXi servers are not configured for vMotion. So, now lets us see the solution to solve this error. 


A VMkernel port with a separate IP address must be present on each of the ESXi host systems to perform vMotion between them. This error happens if this port group is either not configured or configured with a duplicate or different subnet IP address. 

Check the VMkernel port configuration: 

Log in to the vCenter Server as an administrator or with equivalent credentials by using the WebClient / HTML client. 

  • Choose ESXi from the inventory. 
  • Select the Configuration tab. 
  • Now, select vmkernel adapters by clicking the Networking link. 
  • Click the Properties link. 

Ensure it has an IP address and that vMotion is enabled on the select portgroup. 

Also, you can test vMotion by enabling it on the management network. You can perform reliable migrations between hosts separated by high network round-trip latency times if the license is properly applied to your environment. For vMotion migrations, the maximum network round-trip time supported is 150 milliseconds. It enables you to move virtual machines to a more remote geographical location. 

Hope fixing the vMotion interface misconfiguration was easy, if you need assistance click here: Get Assistance.

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