4 best practices to follow to keep your customers happy

Keeping your customers happy is the key to this competitive technology-savvy world that we live in. One negative review /comment /opinion on social media about customer service can spread like a forest fire and break your reputation.

Mindsets & rules for thinking can dependably guide you to the correct decision, every time towards the customer.

Here are the 4 best practices to follow to keep your customers happy all the time.

1. Understanding that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity

Sometimes you realise that whatever you do, a customer is just going to walk out of the door.

Customer service recovery is one of the most important elements in customer retention and almost every successful businessman knows this technique. Here are some ideal points that they use to retain customers.

Hear: Allow the customer to narrate their entire story without any interruption. The feeling that they have someone to listen to gives them extra happiness.

Empathize: Show that you understand how the customer feels.

Apologize: Be genuinely apologetic about the way the customer feels. Soothe him/her.

Resolve: Always ask the customer what you can do to make it right. Try to be with them throughout to solve the problem.

Diagnose: Focus on fixing the problem so that it doesn’t repeat. Continuously interact with the customer to diagnose how to solve problems quickly and effectively.

2. Provide something new & adapt to changes

We all like something new, even a small difference in the way the packaging looks. For making the old customers happy & the new customers interested, adapting to changes & trying something new is the key.

Update your website regularly. If you have social pages, stay tuned to what is happenings online and offer something new to your customers often. Be thinking about how you can make customers happy by providing new things and they will always have a reason to stick around.

3. Being where your customers are

Are you finding it difficult to reach your customer or confused about where you should spend time interacting with your customers?

Facebook? Phone? SMS? Email? Twitter?

It depends.

Excellent customer support happens when you are in the channels where the customers are.
If your customers are people who used email throughout, then you should constantly be in touch with them there. The same is the case with all the channels.

Though it is a guessing game, getting it right is the key to increasing your customer satisfaction rate.

4. Making promises that you can keep

Some customer support executives over-promise just to solve the problem at that particular time. They don’t understand that it can lead to more dissatisfaction in the later stages.

Being transparent and gaining the loyalty & trust of the customer also denotes that you follow what you have promised.

Set realistic goals and meet them on time and your customers will get acquainted with your promises and they will know that you will deliver on time.

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