5 Tips to Ensure Your Email Stays Out of the Spam Folder

 My eMails go to spam

Email is today’s number one mode of communication, and with the rise in mail flow across the globe, email providers are constantly tightening security. The ‘spam filter’ is one such security measure.

Even with all the tweaks, however, it’s very often happens that a genuine email ends up in a recipients spam folder. There are some measures, as a sender you can take, to ensure your important email always ends up in the recipient’s inbox.

Tip 1: What you Say Matters
Every spam filter scans the email body look’s for trigger words. Filters are tune to flag promotional emails by looking for words like ‘lottery’, ‘free’, etc. Limiting these words will improve the chances of your email landing in the recipient’s inbox.

Double check and ensure every link mentioned in the email body is genuine, and all images are of acceptable size. Finally, ensure that the text to image ratio is always high.

Tip 2: Don’t Attempt to Trick the Filter
When spammers first realised their emails were being flagged, they devised tricks to fool spam filters that many years ago actually worked. Filters failed to recognize triggers words that were masked with interrupters, like Fr3e or W!n M0ney.

Today, however, spam filters are much smarter. Trying these tactics will definitely flag your email, which will lead to blacklisting of your email address. This will definitely affect all future emails.

Tip 3: Send From a Trusted Source
The chances of a filter marking an email coming from a unique, personalised domain as spam is higher than an email from a known domain. A spam filter will trust a popular mail extension like gmail.com, but not a personal xyz.com, until the user expressly informs the filter by marking the email as trusted.

A way around this problem is to use a trusted mail service provider to route your emails, or ensure your personal email servers have all the required certificates. When sending newsletters directly from a CMS platform it is best to use a trusted email delivery service.

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Tip 4: Use Double Opt-In Subscription
Double Opt-In is a two-step verification process every new subscriber must go through before receiving your emails. They receive a confirmation email on subscribing which they have to click in order to confirm subscription.

If they receive this email and open it, their email server understands it’s not spam and never blocks any future emails. But if the email does end up in the spam folder, you can instruct subscribers to check for the email in the spam bin and authorise it.

Tip 5: Make Unsubscribing Easy
I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. You are never going to retain a hundred percent of all your subscribers forever. If your company sells cheese in Canada, and a subscriber moves to Japan, they might no longer need your newsletters and updates.

In such a scenario, if you do not provide an easy way to unsubscribe, the only option the reader will have to avoid your emails is to mark one as spam. This will lead to flagging and eventual blocking of your email address, and you definitely do not want that. Give subscribers a clear way out and don’t risk giving them a reason to mark your email as spam.

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