Can’t connect to Plesk SQL Server (after updating Plesk admin password)

Jet engine is configured as Plesk Database Provider by default and Plesk SQL (MySql) service is set to disabled. However Plesk installer sets MySQL admin’s password the same as Plesk’s admin. If Plesk’s admin password is changed MySQL admin’s password remains the same which is set by Plesk installer. To be able to switch Plesk Database Provider to MySQL it’s necessary to know default Plesk admin’s password or reset MySQL admin’s to the current Plesk admin’s password


To switch Plesk Database Provider to Plesk SQL (MySql) server take the following steps:

1. Open “%plesk_dir%\MySQL\Data\my.ini” file in notepad;
2. Add “skip-grant-table” record in [PleskSQLServer] section;
3. Save the file;
4. Set startup type of Plesk SQL Server service to Automatic and start it;
5. To change the default MySQL admin password open command line prompt and run the following set of commands:
cd %plesk_dir%\mysql\bin
mysql -P8306
mysql> use mysql
mysql> update user set password=password(’<as your Plesk admin Password>’) where user=”admin”;

6. Remove “skip-grant-table” record which was added on step 2, save the file and restart Plesk SQL Server service;
7. Run Plesk Reconfigurator and select the Switch DB provider option;
8. Enter the administrator’s logins and passwords as following:
Server type:             MySQL
Server adress:           <enter the server address and port if required>
Administrator login:     admin
Administrator password:  <as your Plesk admin password>
Database:                psa1 <or any name you like>
Database user name:      admin1 <or any name you like>
Password:                <as your Plesk admin password>
Confirm password:        <as your Plesk admin password>


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