Change VLAN ID using VMware Infra Client or Vsphere client

This guide will help you to change the VLAN ID using the VMware Infra Client or Vsphere client. Below are the information that relates to adding and removing VLAN IDs to and from a portgroup, when the following symptoms are observed.

  • Loss of network connectivity to and from the host.
  • Loss of connectivity to associated portgroups in the network.

To change the VirtualLAN ID using the vSphere Web Client:

  • Invoke the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the host.
  • On the Manage tab, click Networking, and select Virtual switches.
  • Select a standard switch from the list that is shown up.
  • In the topology diagram of the switch, click the name of the port group.
  • Click Edit butting under the topology diagram title.
  • Under the Properties section, Configure Vritual LAN (VLAN) tagging in the VLAN ID drop-down menu.

To change the VLAN ID using the vSphere Client or VMware Infrastructure Client:

  • Click the ESXi host and click “Configuration” tab.
  • Next, click the Networking link.
  • Then, click Properties next to virtual switch that serves the portgroup to be modified.
  • Now, Click the portgroup in the list and click Edit.
  • Enter the appropriate value in the VLAN ID field.
  • Finally Click OK.

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