4 Tips to choose the best outsourced web hosting technical support provider


It’s safe to say almost every business has a website, because every business owner knows the importance of having an online presence. It puts their business within the outreach of billions of online users. Some of these businesses use their websites to spread awareness of their brand, while some companies offer services, products and essentially their business itself through the website, for example by an e-commerce website.

Whatever the purpose of the website, if it crashes even for a minute it could spell disaster. The key for every website hosting provider to ensure their customers receive the utmost satisfaction is to employ a solid web hosting technical support, and most of the times outsourcing is a beneficial idea. Here are 4 key features to look out for in any outsourced web hosting support solution.

Cross Technology Support


Web hosting is now a giant tree with branches in multiple technologies. Web hosts now come with multiple OS options, provisions for different coding languages and database options, various content management system hosting, admin login panels, e-mail solutions, antivirus and antispam options and much more. A web hosting company is also expected to be able to support its customers in each of these technologies and services. It is extremely important to pick an outsourced hosting support that has technicians who are experts in different OS systems like Linux and Windows, and are able to fix issues pertaining to CMS platforms and other services the web host is providing.

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Real Time Monitoring

Prevention is better than cure. Server downtime could make a website unavailable and this could mean huge losses for business. While 100% uptime cannot be guaranteed, it can be made a possibility by constantly monitoring the hosting servers for issues and possible failures.

Picking an outsourced web hosting support who implements tools for real-time monitoring of servers, equipment and services is the best option. The outsourced web hosting support must go beyond monitoring hardware and physical devices. Constant monitoring for virus’, spam and hacks is also a must to maintain customer satisfaction.

High Availability and Data Restoration


Even with safety solutions like real-time monitoring, server downtime sometimes cannot be avoided. There are always newer virus’ that beat existing antivirus tools and unexpected hardware malfunctions. How the outsourced hosting support deals with downtime is a point to go over.

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Here is a great chance for you to examine the eminence of our support even before you sign up a plan with us.

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A good hosting support team maintains smart backup solutions and for a price offers secondary servers to cater to downtime. Backup for web hosting is extremely crucial. Data is the bulk of every website and data loss can mean the end of a website. In such cases it is imperative to have a good backup system in place and a well-trained support team to restore data in case of data loss.

Support Availability

If a support team is not available during crisis it is of no use at all. A quality outsourced hosting support team should be available to cater to customers 24×7. Support works on the basis of issue tickets, live chats and phone calls. Each of these methods should have an acceptable response time set and the outsourced web hosting support team should be capable to adhere to these timelines.

In addition to support during crisis, the support team should also plan and execute periodic hardware and software upgrades which is a part of the downtime prevention system.

The best outsourced web hosting support team is one that can fulfill these 4 key areas to satisfaction.

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