How to connect to your launched EC2 instance?


If you are facing trouble in connecting launched EC2 instance you can follow these simple steps. When you launch an Amazon EC2 instance, it will take some time to be available to use. The virtual machine also takes time to connect because it will boot like a computer. In some cases, you must wait for a long time and if you are still unable to connect, then the reason for the issue depends on the type of connection you are trying to connect. Let us see the type of connection issues:

Verify EC server security group

Verify EC server security group

First, you should check your EC2 server security group setting. Next, choose your EC2 instance and select the ‘Security Groups’ option. Your security groups will be listed here, and there is a link to “View Rules” as well. A popup screen will appear once you click the “View Rules” link, and the popup contains rules like ports 80 and 443, which will be listed twice (one is for TCP and another, one is for UDP).

Unable to access through a browser

If you can log in via RDP, but your browser still fails to connect after you enter your instance’s Public IP or Elastic IP (if enabled) after verification. Then you can log in via RDP and start a browser on the remote server referring to http://localhost. If the website loads properly, this shows an issue with your security group or the firewall configuration on the remote server. Both should be checked and configured similarly to the security group. If the website fails to load, your server might not be installed properly. In that case, you should stop the instance and start a new one.

Unable to login through RDP

If you are unable to access your instance using RDP after your Security Group settings verification. Then, your instance may have failed to launch properly. So, the simplest solution in this situation is to terminate the current instance and launch a new one. Sometimes, this can be the result of an incorrectly configured VPC and prevents external access.

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