How to Prevent Data Breach in your Organization

Prevent Data Breach in your Organization

Are you sure that your information and data are secured? If not it’s time to check and take preventive measures to safeguard your sensitive information.

No matter what the size of your organization is, a data breach will occur while unauthorized access takes place. Unauthorized access takes place while your data is being exposed, copied, transmitted, viewed, stolen or used.

Let’s see what are the things you need to very careful with are: Safeguard information like your financial details and personal data (like credit card no’s, security numbers, phone no’s etc) and when it comes to your organization, you need to ensure your general key business relationships information is kept safe.

You can Prevent Data Breach by implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or any other security plans that could provide an incident report when a breach occurs.

Prevent phishing related data breaches

Phishing creates urgency/social pressure where you end up sharing your details to them via email or on a fake website that mimics the real website. 

You can prevent data breach by examining the emails and text messages for any fraudulent links and attachments. You can also use a password manager that will input passwords on legitimate websites.

Prevent data leaks

If in case you have accidentally exposed physically on the Internet or in any other forms like losing hard drives or laptops anyone will tend to access your data without your authorization, this leads to data leaks.

If you are using the cloud then make sure you configure AWS properly otherwise your data will be crawled by Google and will get exposed to the Internet. If your configuration is poor then not only AWS but also other cloud platforms like Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can also cause data leak.

Actsupport, Cloud Experts can help you in configuration, ensuring that your cloud service data are not exposed to the Internet.

Protect your Passwords

As you know the Computing power is increasing and common password lists are becoming increasingly long, hence you need to ensure that your organization enforces strong password policies. 

Try using multi-factor authentication that requires both a password and a one-time password to gain access and ensure that your employees use strong passwords.

Prevent third-party data breaches

When you outsource part of your operation to a 3rd party make sure they follow proper data protection policies. You need to check mitigating business uncertainties, legal liabilities, and reputational damage that can result from third and fourth parties. 

In actsupport, we follow the Information Security Management System(ISMS) and Quality Management System(QMS) policies to ensure our client data and operations are safe and protected.

Poor configuration management

You need to ensure that the configuration of a system is known, good, and trusted, for that you can use Configuration management, which is referred to as IT automation.  Automation improves the efficiency of the system and makes larger systems manageable.

Few configuration management tools are: Ansible, CFEngine, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Puppet, Docker etc.

actsupport, helps customers protect their data from security breaches through our 24/7 monitoring with security alerts and updates. We will safeguard your IT infrastructure to run successfully.

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