How to Install Checkmk Agent on Windows Server


You can follow these steps to install checkmk agent on the windows server. Make sure you have downloaded the check_mk_agent.msi in either of the two ways;

  1. https://FQDN-CHECKMK/checkmk/check_mk/agents/windows/check_mk_agent.msi
  2. Manual download in WATO – Configuration – Monitoring Agents – check_mk_agent.msi

Once done, install the check_mk_agent.msi along with add default settings. You will have choose the ‘Install and start service’ option. And enter ‘Next’.

Now you will have to verify if the checkMKService is running or not.

PS C:\> Get-Service |? Name -like "CheckMkService"
Status   Name               DisplayName
------   ----               -----------
Running  CheckMkService     Check MK Service

You can verify if the TCP port is listening or not

PS C:\> Get-NetTCPConnection | ? {($_.State -eq "Listen") -and ($_.LocalPort -eq "6556")}

LocalAddress              LocalPort RemoteAddress                       RemotePort State       AppliedSetting OwningProcess
------------              --------- -------------                       ---------- -----       -------------- -------------                   6556                             0          Listen                     4852

Now allow the inbound TCP 6446 if the Windows Firewall is enabled.

# Allow inbound TCP 6556
 New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "In-TCP-6556" -Description "CheckMK Agent" -Direction Inbound -Protocol TCP -LocalPort 6556 -Action Allow 

How to add the Windows Hosts to Checkmk Dashboard

For that you navigate to WATO – Configuration – Hosts – Create New Host and enter the hostname, IP Address of Window Server with check_MK Agent once you have checked.

Now, select ‘Save & go to Services’. Once you have saved select the services (Space for File System, Network Interface, and whichever you prefer) and press ‘changes’ on the top.

To commit the required changes select ‘Activate Affected’.

Check_MK Discovery Rule

The Check_MK Discovery Rule can be disabled globally by setting; WATO – CONFIGURATION – Hosts – Hostname – Parameters and clicking on Periodic Service Discovery, as it identifies any unmonitored services automatically and will prompt a warning message.

You can edit this by ‘Do Not Perform Periodic Service Discovery Check’ under the Periodic Service Discovery. Thereby your dashboard will show no warning messages after the edit.

If you need assistance to install Checkmk Agent on Windows Server you can click here- Get Assistance.

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