Installation of VestaCP on Centos7



The VestaCP (Vesta Control Panel) is an open-source control panel with features such as website, email, database, and DNS.  Here you install the control panel on the CentOS server and change the admin interface port.


To complete this installation the following resources are needed:

  1. Centos Server
  2. Domain name that was pointing to your server.
  3. Hostname  (we will use
  4. Two A records which point to your (server and

Install VestaCP centos 7 :

Initial setup as the root user. After signing in, download the installation script and place it in your server here we use /usr/local/ directory

cd /usr/local/ 
curl -O 

This script is a package to the installation script of VestaCP.  After the installation change the admin interface port for security purpose, here we use port 9000

vi /usr/local/vesta/nginx/conf/nginx.conf 

Actual Configuration

# Vhost
 server {         
listen          8083; 

Change it like below:

# Vhost
server {        
listen          9000; 

Save the file and restart the service

 /etc/init.d/vesta restart 

Make the Executable Script:

chmod +x 

Then, execute the VestaCP-install script. We’ll use the force alternative, because otherwise on some machines the installer can complain about an existing admin group:

chmod +x 

Interactively, the script will take some time to complete the install. The URL for your admin interface and the admin login information will be printed out as well:


Greetings, you just set up Vesta Control Panel successfully
username: admin
password: a-random-password

The final line of the system performance will be

Configuring port 9000 to serve as admin port

You need to check all port references 8083 to port 9000 before trying to sign in. The URL is https:/ Now VestaCP is up and running on your server.

I hope it was helpful. Share it with your friends, who might also be interested in installing VestaCP. For assistance Contact US.

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Written by actsupp-r0cks