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nopcommerce is the free ASP.NET cross-platform based shopping cart that works with MS SQL server 2012 (or higher) backend database. It allows creating a shopping cart by providing a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend.

To explain this better, we will use the below example on how to set up the cart using the Plesk control panel.

Steps to set up the cart using the Plesk control panel

Step 1: Upload and install the site on It is the only place where the files and DLLs nopCommerce are stored.
Step2: From the control panel of (That is, your hosting control panel, not the nopCommerce administration area) ensure that all requests to are forwarded (not redirected) to Perform this using CNAME records. This step is crucial.
Step3: Now from the control panel of, configure a domain alias for After completing the steps above, when accessing from your browser, the content of will be displayed.
Step4: Then configure the stores in the nopCommerce administration area and you can start uploading the content for both stores. This is described below.

The process to be performed from the Plesk Control Panel below, as follows:
When is redirected to, the webserver for the Plesk does not know how to display since it uses Name-Based Virtual Hosting. Therefore, you must create a domain alias for, as described below:

•    Log in to the domain panel of, either directly or via the Open in Control Panel link from the server administration panel.
•    From the Websites & Domains tab, then select -> Add New Domain Alias link near the bottom of the tab.
•    Enter the full alias. For example –
•    Ensure the Web service option is selected.
•    The Mail service is optional. Check this option if you want emails from to be redirected similarly.
•    Now, ensure the Synchronize DNS zone with the primary domain option is unchecked.

Hope this helps you. If you need any assistance you can Contact Us.

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