Rebuild corrupter & missing *.db Zone files

Rebuild corrupter & missing *.db Zone files

The Zone files contain namespace details. By default, they are stored in the named working directory located in /var / named/, and each zone file is named in the zone statement according to the file option.

Usually in a manner that relates to the domain in question and identifies the file as containing zone data such as

The named service zone files

/var/named/ The working directory is for the named service. The nameserver is not allowed to write to this directory  
/var/named/slaves/ The directory for secondary zones and is writable by the named service  
/var/named/dynamic/ This is for other files, such as dynamic DNS (DDNS) zones or managed DNSSEC keys. It is writable by the named service.  
/var/named/data/ This is for statistics and debugging files and is writable by the named service.

named.conf sometimes gets corrupted on server cPanel.

Here’s the way cPanel servers repair that:

First, move the corrupted “named.conf” using the command below

root@shadowserver[~]# mv /etc/named.conf /etc/named.conf.bak

Create even a copy of the latest zone data just in case anything goes wrong. You can do that by simply executing the following command line

root@shadowserver[~]# cp -rf /var/named /var/named.backup

Now run the cPanel script to rebuild the named.conf

root@shadowserver[~]# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/rebuilddnsconfig

This script will rebuild all your files of /var/named/*.db.

First, it pulls every client from /var/cpanel/user and collects every user domain and IP address.

It then collects the first 2 nameservers from /etc/wwwacct.conf and reconstructs the zones as they would be if you were to set up this account already.


# - scripts        Copyright(c) 2003 
#                                 All rights Reserved. 
# Unauthorized copying is prohibited 
# Version: 0.01 
$nameddir = '/var/named'; 
$cpanelusers = '/var/cpanel/users'; 
$wwwacct = '/etc/wwwacct.conf'; 
print "Rebuild Named Zones Script from\n\n"; 
print "MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR EXISTING $nameddir directory\n"; 
print "Waiting 5 seconds... press ctrl+c to quit\n"; 
sleep 5; 
print "\n\n"; 
print "Grabbing first 2 NameServers from $wwwacct..."; 
while(<CONF>) { 
$_ =~ s/\n//g; 
if ($_ !~ /^;/) { 
if ($_ =~ /^NS /) { 
   (undef,$nameserver) = split(/ /, $_); }
 if ($_ =~ /^NS2 /) { 
   (undef,$nameserver2) = split(/ /, $_); }
print "done.\n"; 
print "Rebuilding Zone Files... (cross your fingers)..."; 
foreach $cpusers (@CPUSERS) { 
while(<USERDB>) { 
if(/IP=/i) { (undef,$ip) = split(/=/, $_, 2); } 
if(/DNS=/i) { (undef,$dns) = split(/=/, $_, 2); } 
chomp($dns); }
 print "Done.\n"; 
 print "\n\nZones have been rebuild but the named.conf has not.\n"; 
 print "use /scripts/rebuildnamedconf to rebuild the named.conf with\n"; 
 print "the new zones.  Note that running /scripts/rebuildnamedconf will not\n"; 
 print "just rebuild the named.conf, you will need to pipe it into the file but\n"; 
 print "also you need to make sure their are no existing zones in it\n"; 
 sub createzone(){ 
 $nameddata = <<EOM; 
 ; cPanel 5.x 
 ; Zone file for $domain 
 @    14400   IN      SOA     $nameserver. hostmaster.$dns. ( 
                         $time      ; serial, todays date+todays 
                         28800           ; refresh, seconds 
                         7200            ; retry, seconds 
                         3600000         ; expire, seconds 
 86400 )         ; minimum, seconds 
 $dns. 14400 IN NS $nameserver. 
 $dns. 14400 IN NS $nameserver2. 
 $dns. 14400 IN A $ip 
 localhost.$dns.   14400    IN A 
 $dns. 14400 IN MX 0 $dns. 
 mail    14400        IN CNAME    $dns. 
 www     14400        IN CNAME    $dns. 
 ftp     14400        IN CNAME    $dns. 
 print VNAMEDF $nameddata; 


Then restart the service “named”.

root@shadowserver[~]#/etc/init.d/named restart

Now we have rebuild corrupter & missing *.db Zone files. If you find any difficulty in fixing feel free to Contact Us.

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