Do you really need to shift to a cloud environment?


Shifting to the cloud can bring both opportunities as well as risk. Before proceeding it’s vital to evaluate the pros and cons of the cloud environment. When it comes to opportunities our main focus will be on cost-effectiveness as downsizing required hardware for the set takes prime stand in moving to a cloud environment.

Physical storage, administrative costs involved in maintaining the hardware will be much cheaper when operating from a cloud environment. Collaborative environment such as cloud-based document sharing (Documents, spreadsheets, etc) where multiple hands can work on the same project or process at the same time which can drastically save time in completing the tasks.

We have tools like Zoho, kanban which can automate the workforce. Less hardware failure rates and guaranteed uptime. Perhaps the weakest link in the initial days of cloud adoption was security concerns. Cloud environments provide higher levels of security and data integrity as they make huge investments in resources and technology. Keeping users connected wherever they work and access from anywhere. Due to security and more importance on backups decrease the potential of data loss due to hacking and viruses. With the arrival of tools like Ansible, puppet & chef now cloud-based infrastructure can be deployed much faster.

Companies can easily modify their computing needs either by decreasing or increasing them based on their market demand, without having to undergo a complex and weary change in their hierarchy and resources allocation.

Few risks would be to deal with application compatibility as particular application design and architecture might not completely follow distributed cloud architectures, and therefore may require some amount of modification before moving them to the cloud. Similarly, if some of the technology you currently rely on is proprietary, you may not be legally able to deploy it to the cloud.

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