Virtual Machine Cannot Start (Vmware) – ESX/ESXi – 5.0

Problem: Virtual Machine Cannot Start (Vmware) – ESX/ESXi – 5.0

Explanation: There will be situations where the VM on a host fails to start without showing any

progress when the power state is reset. This can be caused by a hung process on the host.

Solution: SSH into the host on which the VM is running and run the following commands:

[root@host-name]# vmware-cmd /path/to/vmdirectory/vmconfig.vmx getstate

[root@host-name] vmware-cmd -l | grep

[root@host-name] ps auwwx | grep

[root@host-name] kill -9 the pid from above

[root@host-name] vmware-cmd -l | grep //you should get just the prompt back

[root@host-name] vmware-cmd /path/to/vmdirectory/vmconfig.vmx start

The above steps should help start the VM when it is stuck in transition.

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