Month: July 2015

Routing Basics

Routers in a network discover remote networks in two ways Statically configured routes Dynamic routing protocols By default routers knows only the directly connected networks represented by ā€œCā€ Static Routing Static route are mainly used when routing from a particular network to a stub network. Stub networks are the networks that can be accessed through […]

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Routers Basics

ROUTERS: It is an internetworking component that connects networks at different geographical locations.It has Serial Port Auxillary Port Console Port AUI (Attachment Unit Interface) or Ethernet(which uses RJ45 port) Routers are of two types Fixed -fixed number of slots (series from 700 to 2500, exception 1750, 1751) Modular ā€“ Upgradable slots and ports (series from […]

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Networking Basics

What is a Network? A network is any collection of independent computers(devices) which are connected to one another to share files and peripherals such as printers, modems, tape drives. Every Network includes: At least two computer server or client work station Network Interface card(NIC) A connection medium(wired or wireless) Network Operating System software Protocols: Protocols […]

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