Month: September 2022

Check_MK Agent Setup

If you wish to collect data from remote systems, then use LibreNMS in combination with check_mk. The agent can be extended to include information about applications on the remote system. let’s see how check_mk agent is setup. Installation in Linux/ BSD If you’re using the Distributed Polling setup, then allow access from the LibreNMS host […]

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How to Install Checkmk Agent on Windows Server

You can follow these steps to install checkmk agent on the windows server. Make sure you have downloaded the check_mk_agent.msi in either of the two ways; https://FQDN-CHECKMK/checkmk/check_mk/agents/windows/check_mk_agent.msi Manual download in WATO – Configuration – Monitoring Agents – check_mk_agent.msi Once done, install the check_mk_agent.msi along with add default settings. You will have choose the ‘Install and […]

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