SQL Server error 906 Troubleshooting


You would have come across SQL Server error 906, when your SQL Server fails to locate any element into the SQL tables for a specific database you would probably have received the below error message:

“Could not locate row in sysobjects for system catalog ‘%.*ls’ in database ‘%.*ls’. This system catalog should exist in all databases. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysobjects in this database”.

SQL Server error 906 occurs

  • When your operations are not performed in a scheduled manner
  • If it could not find the expected format and location in a specified database
  • During your SQL upgrade fails

There can be other errors where the SQL Server error 906 could pop up, so check the SQL Server error log or in the DBCC CHECKDB for data consistency errors. Now let’s see how to fix SQL Server error 906.

Solution to SQL Server error 906

  • If you encounter any error due to failed upgrade, then restore the database with a valid backup file and try upgrading the process again.
  • In case the first process doesn’t work then perform Hardware diagnostics and also examine the Microsoft Windows NT system, application logs, and the SQL Server error log. If you come across any hardware failure error, try fixing it.
  • If the error continues, you should swap out the hardware component to resolve the problem.
  • Do check, if your disk controller has not enabled write cache permission.
  • Users can also execute and check the disk reforming and reinstalling operating system tasks.
  • If the issues are not related to hardware, then restore the database from the “Clean Backup” option.
  • If you don’t have a clean backup option or healthy data, then you can execute DBCC CHECKDB.

Note: Ensure before choosing this option. If you are not aware of DBCC CHECKDB, don’t try it on your own. Hope you could fix it, if not you can get assistance from our Database Experts who can fix it for you.

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