Steps to be taken when a VM goes in Read-only mode

Whenever there is a file system inconsistency involved, the system mounts in Read only mode to prevent damage to the system. In Xen, if you come across such a situation we can try using the following methods to mount that back in write mode.

  • Boot the VM in single user mode. One can get into single user mode by changing the boot option of the VM from “graphical utf8” to “rw init=/bin/bash”.
  • The VM now goes into single user mode upon reboot.
  • Try Using command “mount -o remount, rw /” to mount the VM back into write mode.
  • If this fails, the VM filesystem needs a manual file system check and hence it is required to reboot the VM in “graphical utf8”. So, that a filesystem corruption can be detected during system boot where the VM gets into maintenance mode prompting us for the root password.
  • Once into maintenance mode, we can run a manual fsck using “fsck -ay” filesystem to be checked.
  • Reboot VM after this process.

Now you have successfully brought back the VM to Write mode.

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