Year: 2023

Troubleshoot Health check failures for Amazon ECS tasks on AWS Fargate

The most common error you will receive during health check failures for Amazon ECS tasks on AWS Fargate. The errors are: (service AWS-service) (port 8080) is unhealthy in (target-grouparn:uxyztargetgroup/aws-targetgroup/123456789) due to (reason Health checks failed with these codes: [502]) or [request timeout] (service AWS-Service) (port 8080) is unhealthy in target-group tf-20190411170 due to (reason Health […]

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Steps to Migrate from CentOS 8 to Almalinux 8

AlmaLinux OS is an open-source enterprise Linux distribution focused on long-term stability, community-governed and provides production-grade enterprise. Because of its dedicated community and binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, it is compatible with RHEL and CentOS pre-Stream. AlmaLinux aims to provide a stable, free, and enterprise-grade Linux distribution that closely aligns with the upstream [...]

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Depending on the browser you’re using the error displayed varies. Here we will see how to fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN (NXDOMAIN is nothing but Non-Existent Domain) on Windows OS. So what is this DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN mean? When you are trying to visit the address or the domain name, you would come across this error which indicates the failure […]

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